Cwejman SM-1 Eurorack Analogue Synth Voice

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Cwejman SM-1 Eurorack Analogue Synth Voice (RARE) 2020s is a luxury, premium quality semi-modular analogue synthesizer in Eurorack format, which boasts some of the core building blocks from Cwejman’s signature S1 synthesizer including their lovely multi-mode filter, super snappy EG’s and their unique oscillator circuits.

The multi mode filter can achieve:

12db, 24db low pass

12db, 24db high pass

6db, 12db band pass

And three dual band-pass arrays

There’s also a spacing control to separate the resonant peaks of the filters, to create amazing formant tones and much more

The main features of the Cwejman SM-1 include:

Semi modular analogue synthesizer voice

Eurorack format module

56HP wide

Stunning build and sound quality

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